About Us

SAHAJOG.COM is a private home service provider that operates to associate between vendors and clients. By which the customer can take advantage of valuable Home Services sitting at home …

Since every human, coming into his daily life and requiring all the workers to diagnose the problem. Such as repair a malfunctioning freezer, repairing the electrical work, fixing the problems of your washroom and pipes, decorating an on Wedding Occasion henceforth.


Beginning from such little work to extraordinary things and more, all the issues can be fixed because ​​experienced workers and companies connected with us. So our obligation is whenever you open our site and you have everything you need, just you have to make a call to us and we will send you a good and experienced person to the doorstep and wherever you want.

He will come in accomplishing his work and the customer will have to pay his valuable price. Our responsibility remains as long as the vendors and customers meet together also our responsibility and duty are to provides good home services to the customer.

And when clients are happy with the same vendor, they pay them, We are coordinate with the vendor and we do not have any private shops and vendors.

So if any incident or unwanted happens, with our service providers and the customer during dealing. We will not be responsible for that,  because
we give complete freedom to the vendor to the customer that he deals with his own way.