How to Password Protect Files and Folders in Windows 11 2022

MS Office or Windows OS installation issues may also cause data corruption in Word files. Data value for the item tells you which application is registered to handle this file type, and also where we need to go in the registry next. The PDF format is used to save pre-designed periodicals, brochures, and flyers. You won’t be able to save the file you are working on if you are trying to save it as a read-only file. Generally, nothing will happen in this scenario, and the saving prompt will be ongoing with a gray icon.

  • I searched in the home directory, snap directory.
  • Some online tools advertise the possibility of converting multiple PDF files to Excel in one go.
  • Notepad++ is a popular text editor with many useful features, including the ability to compare two files.

You can use this to edit any text file in a couple of minutes. Are you wondering how to recover your password-protected Excel files without corrupting them? Try these blazing fast tools for quick Excel password recovery. With the Survival Kit tool of this software, users can quickly restore the entire system to the same or new computer. It can also move the local backup copy to the cloud. The method will ensure you have an off-site copy for document recovery.


It might be that your file isn’t lost, but you just aren’t sure where it has been saved. Notepad++ saves temporary files in the AppData Folder. A search bar will appear where you can type in the name of your file. The software will scan for corrupted and deleted files. You will be prompted to a series of drop-down menus that will allow you to customize your search.

You may now manually compare and modify these files. The original file is layered on top of the updated one on the right side. They’ll move in lockstep as you scroll the text, allowing you to compare and contrast them. In Word, open any edition of the doc and go to the “Compare” ribbon under the “Review” tab. Next click on the Compare button at the bottom right corner of the application.

How to compare XML in Notepad++?

When you need to edit plain text or source code files, Notepad++ will help you get the job done. Beyond Compare is another great file comparison tool that uses its intelligent technology to compare files and folders. It uses simple, yet strong commands that highlight the difference you are looking for ignoring the ones you are not interested in. It helps merge changes, synchronize files, and even produce reports. Notepad++ is a popular text editor with many useful features, including the ability to compare two files. This can be especially helpful for programmers and developers who need to check for differences in code, or anyone who wants to compare two versions of a document.

Backup continuously backs up your files while you’re revising them, meaning you don’t have to worry if you think you’ve accidentally deleted your work. These temporary files will be automatically erased when you close AutoCAD normally—but they won’t be deleted if the application or your device crashes. Luckily, there are many ways to recover Notepad files on Windows. We will be going through all of them in great detail, and you will learn how to restore your lost documents in no time. Notepad is a fairly straightforward app best used for quickly jolting out your thoughts.