Top 4 Construction Accident Statistics

Top 4 Construction Accident Statistics

As with any other workplace, workers and construction companies may suffer from accidents in the workplace from time to time. If an employee injury can be blamed on an employer’s misconduct, these accidents can lead to a construction accident accident.

While filing a workplace accident report can help many people involved in a site construction site, it is better for staff and employees to be aware of the risks involved and to have a proper system in place to prevent domestic accidents in the first place. . This will lead to a reduction in construction accidents as well as a reduction in construction accidents.

The Health and Safety Administration (HSE) provides statistics related to structural accidents; This is an interesting injury rate for those who want to learn more about the dangers of working on a popular site.

1. Construction hazards are the biggest killer of people

Of the 29.4 percent of all fatal injuries in 2008-2009 claimed by the construction industry, home accidents caused the most fatal injuries of all company executives. By 53 deaths in construction work in 2008-2009, that is, the number has decreased by 26 from the previous year.

2. A big goat accident

Since 1999/2000 there has been an alarming increase in the number of serious injuries occurring in the construction industry. In fact, the 2008/9 total was 36 percent lower than in 1999/2000. Despite this failure, serious injuries are also reported among domestic workers more than any other major institution. There has been a reduction of injuries over 3 days during this period, as well as a 43 percent reduction since 1999/2000.

3. Popular accidents include moving, moving and walking.

The most common injuries include control (29 percent of accidents) and slipping and walking (22 percent). These are also the most common types of accidents reported in the public sector. However, building construction differs from other companies in that the risk of falls from the top. This represents 17 percent of home injuries compared to only 8 percent overall. Mobility or failure is the leading cause of structural accidents, at 16 percent compared to 11% overall. Contact motors, electric motors, and stop / bump are popular in construction compared to other companies.

4. Minor injuries are reported

The high rate of media accident is significant compared to other staff. However, LFS data show that this is due to less serious popularity injuries that are not reported. The estimated loss of injury for 2007/08 is 1,427 per 100,000 compared to the reported rate of 880 per 100,000. This suggests that some workplace accident victims may lose their dues by refusing to sue for appropriate home damage allegations for less serious injuries.

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